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A web site to bring you all together . . .
          A web site to promote your talents . . .

Developed strictly for those persons who are involved in creating Fibre Art.

Many Fibre Artists are "doing their thing" alone, or are joining Stitchery groups in order to swap notes, and some are joining Art Clubs as a place to "show" their work.

Let's face it - you are unique.
  • You are not exactly "traditional" Stitchery or "traditional" Art - you are in between - and BOTH.
  • You want to share your creations and let the world know you are there.
  • You wish to sell your creations.
  • You don't have time to be a computer guru.
  • You don't always have time to update your Blog either.

Then this is the web site for you.
Let us make it easier for you.
  • List your Bio, show a sample of your work, and advertise your personal show or display.
  • Just hand out your page link to friends or have it on your business card.
  • You can keep on sewing, knowing your information is being read by other interested parties.
  • Through this site, you will learn of other persons with your interest too.

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